The conference title—SAAN—is aThai verb with a range of meanings relevant to the conference theme. On the one hand, SAAN means to weave, intertwine, interlace and plait. On the other, it means to persevere, persist and sustain. For us it signifies the challenge set by this conference: the weaving together sustainable partnerships across disciplines, cultures and histories. Located at the heart of South East Asia and intimately connected to the world beyond. Thailand is an ideal place to meet and discuss these important issues.

SAAN (สาน) will provide a international platform for academics and practitioners engaged in the broad elds of design, creativity, and innovation to exchange ideas and to share experiences with their global peers. The main theme of this conference is synergy. In particular, we will: explore, the ways in which innovative collaborations within and beyond the creative elds might address the challenges of our time; and, ask how might architecture, design and art contribute to the ways in which we live, work, play and learn. Through a stimulating and challenging program of presentations, conversations and debates, SAAN will explore emerging approaches to interdisciplinary collaboration aimed at enhancing both the processes and practices of design, and design’s various roles in the economy, society and culture.

The conference is animated by two core questions. Firstly, how might collaborative approaches to creativity and innovation help us to make sense of our increasingly complex, interdependent and rapidly changing world? And, secondly, what contribution might interdisciplinary design research and practice make to the development of humane and sustainable responses to these challenges?

We welcome contributions that explore the professional, educational, social, ecological, cultural, economic and technological dimensions of creative synergies in the form of full papers, posters, panels and exhibitions.